IDEAL BOX   COMPANY is a manufacturer with broad capabilities and a sincere commitment to successful partnerships with its customers.

IDEAL sets industry trends by providing quality Gift Boxes in the largest variety of styles and sizes, creative displays and planograms, and multi-package presentations.

Micro-Marketing and merchandising objectives are addressed with custom programs designed to fit the customer's specific needs.

Individual designs and graphics are continually updated, keeping pace with current trends in color, theme and style.

Both in-house staff and freelance creative resources are utilized to maintain a dynamic range of artistic styles and techniques.

Drawing from a broad collection of seasonal images and vibrant colors, Ideal provides the greatest variety of choices, often stimulating impulse and multiple purchases.

Assortments within the package are more diverse, increasing consumer satisfaction. These factors combine to enhance the Gift Box Programs and make the consumer-level presentation more dramatic.

Our quality program is designed to ensure that customer quality expectations are recognized and that effective controls are utilized to assure conformance to specifications.

Trained Sales Service Representatives are available to our customers as a liaison to expedite requests and inquires.

In-House Sales Support Staff include Creative Director, Pre-Production Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Structural Design Manager and Estimator.

Current Information Systems Technology is utilized throughout the organization.

The Transportation Manager coordinates all distribution services.

All this attention to Quality has only one purpose, to make your product look good, and at IDEAL BOX COMPANY, we've been making things look good since 1980.

Our office is strategically located near Boston, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. This location offers effective access and utilization of all forms of commercial freight and transportation services.

In today's sophisticated consumer marketplace, manufacturers as well as retailers have come to understand the importance of packaging as a sales tool. Graphic designers and packaging engineers aid the folding carton manufacturer in the design of a Total Package, a container that will not only contain a product, but will also serve to draw attention to it. To sell it! Through their unique structural designs and infinite variety of printing techniques, these cartons stand out on shelves not as boxes, but as an integral part of the product.

A competitive approach in an ever-changing market enables IDEAL BOX COMPANY to provide it's customers effective packaging and paperboard products.

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